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Our Services

Moving any vehicle can be stressful, time-consuming, and dangerous. That’s why our two non-negotiables are timeliness and safety. Ultimately, we like to think we have mastered a method of interstate transport that is easy and affordable for you.

At Interstate Towing Services, we offer the following services:

  • Caravan Towing

Our well-maintained trucks are specifically designed to safely and effectively transport caravans across different states and territories. Take a load off your shoulders and allow us to provide you with nothing but top-notch customer service and many years of experience.

  • Motorhomes Transport

We offer friendly door-to-door transporting of your motor homes. Whether it’s for a permanent relocation or an extended holiday, you can rely on us to move you there.

  • Boat Hauling

We provide a fully-insured hauling service for boats, with due care taken during loading and unloading. You’re used to seeing your boat in the water, not a ditch by the side of the road, we’ll keep it that way.

  • Caravan Shows

Interstate Towing is a specialist in caravan show hauling. We bring your vehicles to the show, unload them, and then collect and return them to you. If you are a manufacturer or dealer looking to showcase your best products, we’ve got your transport requirements covered.

  • Car Transport

Our drivers always arrive right on time so there isn’t a minute wasted. We pick up and drop off wherever you need us to. Give us a call and we’ll do the rest for you.



Interstate Transport Company

Trust Us As Your Interstate Transport Company

Moving can be such a daunting process, whether you’re moving across country or just down the road. It requires planning, packing, confirming the plan, scheduling and somewhere someone will drop something. We, at Interstate Towing, an interstate transport company takes care of the move of the big items: your boat, camper, caravan or RV. We provide a one-stop service for the towing or moving of recreational vehicles – whether cross-country, down the road, or to an event. This leaves you with more time on your hands to plan the details, ensuring a comfortable, stress-free transfer.


Benefits of Interstate Towing

With over ten years’ experience in this industry, we’ve learned the dos and don’ts of interstate towing. Our continuous aim is to deliver a professional, cost-effective service to give you peace of mind and ease. We provide a wide range of interstate transport.

  • Your first question is likely how much does it cost to transport a boat interstate? Or how much does it cost to transport an RV? We have a page where you can fill out the details of the object that needs to be moved, and we’ll contact you with a competitive quote. Working out the costs beforehand leaves one less thing to worry about later on.
  • We work within a considerable area; we handle towing and transportation of caravans, motorhomes, boats, and cars from Queensland, to New South Wales, Victoria over to South Australia and Western Australia.
  • One service for the towing and moving of your life, whether contained in a caravan, RV, camper or boat. We make it easy with one person to arrange with, to answer your questions and to guide you through this process.


What it Entails to Transport a Caravan Interstate

Whatever your recreational vehicle is, we assist you from the initial quote stage to figure out the details around how much does it cost  to transport a caravan interstate, from the pickup, route, timeline and finally delivery of the recreational vehicle.

  • Working with manufacturers and dealers to ensure their fleet of RVs, motorhomes, caravans, or boats make it safely and in time to an event or exhibition. Afterwards, the fleet is loaded and returned.
  • How much does it cost to transport a caravan will depend on its size (length, width, height), the destination and when it’s needed at the destination. We aim to give our clients reasonable costings while not skimping on the quality of the service.
  • We also offer reliable service for the transport for events and shows, all across Australia. Not only do we move recreational vehicles, we can also move heavy machinery cross-country.


How Much Does It Cost To Transport A Camper?

Our team of professionals is highly trained and committed to providing you with prompt and considerate service. We determine our affordable prices according to the vehicle size and the drop-off point. We provide costing and a possible timeframe as part of the quotation. Our commitment to our work and our customers’ demands means we live up to the name as one of the most trusted towing establishments in Australia. Which is a name we are proud of, and we understand it can only be accomplished if we continue to serve you with the highest level of respect and easy solutions. Our services are fully insured to guarantee your peace of mind during the move.

Contact us now for an obligation-free quote to move your life, whether it’s a camper, a caravan or an RV.


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