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Caravan Transport

Caravan Transport

Reliable Caravan Transport Company Operating Across Australia

Transporting your caravan for long distances does not need to be a chore anymore. Whether you are taking your family van to the beach or moving a fleet of vehicles for a show, you could benefit from professional caravan transport. Interstate Towing offers caravan transport services nationwide to get your van to its destination safely.


Benefits of Using a Professional Caravan Transport Company

If you have ever hauled your caravan up the coast for hours, you know that it can be an exhausting exercise. Hiring professionals to move it for you is beneficial to you and your vehicle. We care for our customers' property as if it were our own. Here are some reasons why you should let our team move your van for you.

  • You save time and money. You may think that professional caravan transport costs a lot of money. However, doing your own caravan transport interstate may cost you much more. Moving your caravan for long distances can amount to massive fuel costs, wear and tear on your car, and having to pay toll fees. Besides the expense, towing a caravan for hours across the country by yourself is very time-consuming.
  • Our insurance protects your vehicle. We have fully comprehensive insurance to give you peace of mind while your caravan is in our hands. Our insurance is your insurance on the road, and our coverage extends to you. Transporting your van by yourself won’t offer you the same level of security and protection that our professional service can offer.
  • Trained professionals handle your vehicle. It’s our job to transport your caravan, and we teach each of our team members to take pride in their work. We keep up to date with all the laws that might affect how we move your vehicle. We also have years of valuable experience operating and transporting heavy equipment, and we know all the safety protocols. If you move your own caravan, it is easy to make mistakes and cause damage.
  • We use specialised equipment. Our equipment is regularly maintained and serviced to ensure that it is always working at its best. We never use gear past its prime, and we train our team to care for it properly. If something isn’t working, we always know how to fix it, we always have a spare, and we always offer peace of mind.


What You Can Expect From Our Caravan Transport Service

When you hand over your caravan to us, it becomes our responsibility for the duration of its journey. We focus on consistent customer satisfaction, which has helped us build up a loyal following of clients. Here are some of the basic standards that you can expect from us every time.

  • Value for money. We offer caravan transport at a price that is fair and affordable. Our valued existing customer base helps us in keeping our prices consistent. We are transparent with how we quote you right from the beginning. We create detailed quotations and clear communication lines with you, so you always feel like you know what to expect from us.
  • Reliable and on time. We aim to deliver your caravan to its destination quickly and safely. You can count on us to get it to you on time, and we never want to make you wait. We work with clients to move caravans to shows and events across the country, where timing is crucial - we cannot be late. In the unlikely event that we are behind on schedule, we will notify you in advance and keep you updated on our progress.
  • Professional care for your vehicle. Our team takes pride in caring for your caravan. We are trained in all the necessary safety precautions to keep your property safe on the road. The drivers go through regular training to keep up to date with our protocols. We also ensure that our drivers are well-rested and alert for long trips. Our gear is always maintained, and we service our vehicles regularly.
  • National service. It does not matter how far away or how nearby your caravan needs to go - we have you covered. We pay the same amount of attention and care to each trip, no matter the distance. Our yard facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne are supreme locations along any long-distance road trip. We can transport your caravan anywhere in Australia.


Why Trust Interstate Towing With Your Caravan Transport in Australia

Over the years, we have gained our customers' trust by offering exceptional service at an affordable price. We have over a decade of industry experience, and we take pride in delivering on the promises we make. We are fully insured so that you have peace of mind during your caravan’s journey with us. Contact us for your free quote today.


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