Caravan Transport Melbourne

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Caravan Transport Melbourne

What You Can Expect From Our Caravan Transport in Melbourne

Regarding your caravan transport in Melbourne, Interstate Towing is the ideal company to ensure your caravan arrives safely at your chosen destination. We have a large fleet of trucks that are perfect for any vehicle transportation. If you have just bought a new caravan, but you have no way of getting it home, or if you are planning a caravan holiday and need yours transported to and from your destination, we can help. Our drivers have a reputation of being on time and effective with transporting your possessions throughout Australia.

What Sets Us Apart When it Comes to Caravan Transport Around Victoria

Ensuring your receive the best caravan transport service in Victoria, we aim to provide you with drivers that come with years of experience and reliability.

  • We regularly service and maintain our trucks and vehicles. We take pride in keeping our equipment and machinery up to standard to provide you and our staff with safety and security. Our vehicles have full insurance, which covers our drivers, our trucks, and your possessions.
  • Once you place your caravan in our care, we will handle it as if it were one of our own. We understand how expensive caravans can be and fully understand your need to move them safely, without damage.
  • We are pleased with our ability to always show up on time for deliveries and pick-ups. However, you will be the first person we contact if we do end up running late for any reason. Unfortunately, instances such as traffic and roadblocks are out of our control.

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Related Services to Caravan Transport

Along with our caravan transport services across Victoria, you will find various other transportation options that we also have available.

  • Whether it be for a permanent relocation or temporary holiday, we can transport your motorhome from door to door. We take extra care with motorhomes as we understand the chance of loose belongings on the inside. We do ask that you double-check that items such as glassware are secure for movement.
  • Our trucks have the necessary equipment to enable us to transfer your boats from one spot to the next. We take special care when loading, transporting, and unloading your craft to ensure a damage-free trip.
  • We understand that sometimes there's a need to transport your car; we have suitable trailers and trucks to transport your vehicle safely from one destination to the next.


About Interstate Towing

At Interstate Towing, we pride ourselves on the quality towing services we provide throughout Australia. We have a range of different trucks to ensure we can transport anything you require as well as yard space and facilities in Brisbane and Melbourne. Our drivers have all the necessary licenses and clearances to handle and take care of your transportation needs. We offer affordable transportation services to ensure your satisfaction during the transfer.

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