Interstate Towing

Interstate Towing

Interstate Towing

What You Can Expect From Interstate Towing

Our drivers have undergone extensive training in interstate towing to ensure they can keep your possessions safe and secure during the transportation journey and have all the necessary licensing and clearances. We frequently service our trucks and equipment to ensure the transportation runs smoothly. We pride ourselves on offering complete satisfaction with our affordable prices.


How To Prepare For Interstate Caravan Transport

To prepare your vehicle, such as a caravan or motorhome, we have a few tips to share for interstate towing services to go according to plan.

  • We recommend removing anything that could be flammable as the air pressure tends to change during long trips, as well as plants and foods that you might be storing. Plants and food may go off during far trips.
  • Our drivers tend to keep everything locked and safe during the trip, and your possessions are under our insurance. We avoid theft as far as possible but recommend removing anything valuable, financially and sentimentally.
  • Fasten cupboard doors and pack away anything loose inside your vehicle. Roads can get bumpy, and we wouldn’t want to cause breakages during the trip.
  • Remove all accessories that you have added to the outside of your vehicle. Storing antennas and aerials inside the RV or caravan will avoid the loss or damage of such items.


Common Mistakes People Make With Interstate Towing And Transport

During interstate towing and recovery, there is a list of things that can go wrong, many of which you can avoid by hiring a transportation service like us to do the hard work for you.

  • Overloading a vehicle will result in blown-out shocks and worn-out tow bars and trailers. We have the right trucks and equipment to tow your vehicles and possessions safely without the damage of overloading.
  • We ask that you double-check your tire pressure before we arrive–even though we will be doing it too. We have to double-check the pressure to ensure we avoid blown tires on the side of the road. This issue will result in your possession arriving late, and the cost of damage may be high.
  • When towing, you have to make sure you use the right equipment. We have the complete kit of towing and transporting equipment from massive trucks to small chain links.
  • We always follow the Australian towing laws and regulations. Our drivers have undergone the necessary training to ensure they can transport your possession countrywide while remaining safe and legal.


Interstate Transport Services That We Provide

Our interstate towing services range from small car transportation to massive machinery or caravan shows. We include anything that you might need to transfer from one city to the next.

  • We will safely and securely transfer your motorhome to anywhere you need it to be, whether it be for a permanent residence or just a short vacation.
  • We have full insurance and all the equipment necessary to haul your boat across the country. Our drivers will ensure your vessel arrives unharmed wherever you choose to have it.
  • Our trucks can transport your caravans throughout the whole country, which means you can go on holiday anywhere you want. Or if it’s a brand-new caravan you bought in Melbourne but need it in Sydney, we will do that too.
  • We understand manufacturers and dealers have regular caravan or car shows. We have the right size trucks and trailers to transport your vehicles to the shows. We will pick them up, drop them off and bring them back to you—all in one piece.


About Interstate Towing

Since 2011, Interstate Towing has taken pride in our reputation as a trustful towing company in Australia. Our drivers work tirelessly to ensure your caravans, motorhomes, boats, and cars arrive safely at their destination. We transport your vehicles and machinery throughout Australia using only the best equipment and trucks available on the market.

Our customers can have peace of mind knowing their possessions have full insurance coverage during the transportation trip. Contact us today for a quote on your transportation needs.


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