Boat Transport Melbourne

Boat Transport Melbourne

Boat Transport Melbourne

Find Professional, Fully Insured Boat Transport in Melbourne

Are you looking for professional and safe boat transport in Melbourne? Transporting your prized possession from one place to another can be daunting–and risky. It is one thing to ride your boat on the water at your favourite holiday destination, but it is quite another to tow it down a busy highway.

Whether it is a short trip to the coast or a cross-country boat transport from Brisbane to Melbourne to your holiday playground, we are the professionals to call. With years of experience in the safe and efficient transport of vehicles, caravans, and boats, Interstate Towing will get the job done, eliminating your worries about transportation.



The Benefits of Professional Boat Transport in Victoria

Whether you are taking your latest creation to a boat show on the other side of the country or going on a boating holiday, you can transport the boat yourself—but there are multiple benefits to choosing professional boat transport in Victoria:

  • We all know that owning a boat is not free. Buying a boat is a significant investment, and it is one that you would prefer to look after thoroughly once you secure it. We have extensive experience in the transportation of boats, caravans, and vehicles. Our drivers are hand-selected and extensively trained in all aspects of boat transport in Victoria, from professionally and carefully loading at the pick-up point to transportation to off-loading at the destination.
  • When using professional boat transport from Brisbane to Melbourne, you enjoy the benefit of comprehensive insurance. As a result, you do not shoulder potential risk. To take out the same comprehensive insurance as a private individual would likely cost you more than using a professional transport company.
  • Convenience is key. Towing a large boat cross-country on busy highways is not for the faint of heart, and it is likely to add a day or two to your travelling time—meaning a day or two fewer days to enjoy your holiday. With professional transportation, you know that your boat will be ready and waiting for you by the time that you get to your holiday destination.



What Sets Interstate Towing Apart Regarding Boat Transport from Brisbane to Melbourne?

Trying to transport a boat yourself is a massive headache. Not only do you need to find a suitable vehicle to tow the boat, but you also need to find a suitable trailer, especially over a long trip if a short-distance trailer won’t do the trick. Remember that there are also regulations on the transportation of large loads on highways.

  • Our extensive fleet of towing vehicles and trailers can make short work of your transportation requirements, regardless of the size of the vehicle that we need to transport and the distance.
  • We are fully compliant with all transportation regulations, legislation, and standards. As a professional transport company, we are well aware of all industry restrictions and requirements, and we fully adhere to the rules of the road.
  • Our team of professional drivers is hand-picked from top candidates with spotless driving records and extensive experience.


About Interstate Towing

We’ve been at the forefront of the boat, caravan, and vehicle transportation industry since our formation in 2011, and our flawless record speaks for itself

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